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Is it safe to let myself feel emotions?

Emotions are energy that is felt in the body. We hold onto emotions because we are scared of them. Some of them are painful and feel awful. So naturally we quickly try to stop them. However, when we actually let our body feel them fully, it is truly amazing – they dissolve and are gone. It is the thoughts about the emotions that keep them there. Our minds are very good at doubting and bring up reasons for the feelings. We may blame others for our state, we may blame our actions. During a Journey process you will learn to feel emotions in your body and let them go.

What happens when we stuff emotions down?

When you stuff emotions down, you may think they have gone, but actually they are in the cells of your body, just waiting for some little thing to set them off again. They can alter the physical cell receptors and in some cases, can then cause illness, simply because the cell is not in perfect health. If interested read  “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert  and  “The Journey” by Brandon Bays. Download the free ebook The Journey at https://www.thejourney.com/free-ebook/

Why do I need help to release emotions? 

A skilled person can assist you to learn to feel emotions and let them go. When we try to do it ourselves, the mind keeps jumping in. A practitioner can see when to give the mind a job, so that it does not interfere.

    Why are you the person to help me?

I have a Social science degree, involving 3 years of studying Psychology and Sociology. This was applied to social work and to life. Having children added to my knowledge and experience, as did studying human development while doing Early Childhood training, Then I learned more about the complexities of nature/nurture through studying and working with children with special needs for many years. All this was a basis for The Journey training, which allowed me to understand even deeper. Further Journey seminars gave me an even greater understanding of the self-beliefs we set up, the emotions we hold onto and how these sabotage our life. The first few years of life impact majorly on the rest of your life. I can help you gently face and let go of these so that you can live your life authentically. 

Why do you link emotions and spirituality? 

Brandon Bays, who developed The Journey, says that emotions are the gateway to our soul. This happens because when we truly allow emotions to be felt, and drop down layers of them to the bottom of them, we then enter the realm of the soul and you get to experience what’s really inside you. And it is truly beautiful and wonderful. 

With The inner Path I cleared my personal baggage that prevented me
from travelling overseas. If you are ready for deep healing, joy and
freedom, with gentle guidance and exciting techniques, see Annette,
its the only way to go.


Emotional Therapy
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Annette Burrell Accredited Journey Practitioner
B.Soc.Sci, Dip. Tchg. (ECE), Dip. E.I.

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