Emotional Therapy

What I offer...

I offer to support you to be free of that which limits you – your past, life’s difficulties, physical illness, stuck emotions, patterns of behaviour, negative self-beliefs.

I offer to hear you deeply. It’s not about what’s in my mind, it’s about whats inside you. My heart will be open and my mind quiet.

A session with me is totally confidential and non-judgemental.

For free:  a 15 minute conversation  (please contact me to arrange a time)                             a questionnaire on emotional health (see Annette page) 

                Article – Achieving Happiness – email me for this.

                Article – 9 Childhood Traumas that affect adult life – email me for this. 

Starter:    A single session using Leela Therapy: $80 – approximately 1 hour. OR a single session using The Journey method. $160 – approximately 2 hours. This can become part of the standard package. 

Standard Package:   Package of 3 Leela Therapy sessions:  $220, including followup.  Package of 3 Journeywork sessions of approximately 2 hours each. Plus follow-up conversations and emails, and an individualised programme for home.  $420    

Deluxe Package:  At your home or my room. Lovely things will set the scene – candle, singing bowl, crystals, music and more. 3 sessions of approximately 2 hours. $540. Includes up to 1 hour travel from Paraparaumu. Further away places incur expenses. Lovely gifts for you: candle, a book and a set of Inspirational cards.  This can also work for Leela Therapy – lets work it out together.

Professional Package:    6 sessions of approximately 2 hours each, over 3 or 4 months. Includes regular coaching inbetween via phone or skype or email.   Payment plans available.  $1350                  This can also be worked out for Leela Therapy – lets discuss.                                

Group work:  For example, a entire birthing team could undergo a group session to uncover and release any negative beliefs about the birthing process. Or a memorial session some time after a person has passed.  Contact me to discuss your needs and ask for a quote.

Family Package: Let your family join in transformation. Contact me to discuss your needs and ask for a quote. Decide on a package for the whole family or sessions for an individual child.

Please email or ring if you have questions. 

Individual appointments take place at my home in Paraparaumu Beach, or at a a place you designate where we can be undisturbed.

I highly recommend spending time with Annette, you will not regret it. If you are open and honest with Annette and yourself you can truly transform your life.
When in Annette’s company, you feel safe and comfortable which enables you to trust. If you feel nervous, her smile will melt that away.
I have been to see Annette twice now and would not hesitate to visit her again. After each visit I felt like a huge weight had been lifted of my shoulders and funny enough, I didn’t want to fill my unhappiness and sadness with going shopping( I know amazing ) She has truly given me my life and I am so looking forward the future as my best self. The space within is second to none now I have dealt with my crippling anxiety and past traumas.
Bless your heart Annette xx


Emotional Therapy
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Contact Annette: annette@theinnerpath.co.nz or phone: 021 299-7456

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