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What is life all about? 

What do you really want? What is it that doesn’t come and go, but is actually here all the time? Is happiness available if we buy more things? Or have the right job? Or have the right partner? Or is there a way to experience the happiness that is inside us?

What about emotions?

When you avoid emotions, you may think they have gone, but actually they are still there, in the cells of your body, just waiting for some little thing to set them off again. They can alter the physical cell receptors and in some cases, can then cause illness. If interested read  “Molecules of Emotion” by Candace Pert  and  “The Journey” by Brandon Bays. 

What about thoughts? 

Do you have a  busy mind? Do you believe your thoughts? Or is it possible to observe them and not believe them? What is deeper than your emotions and your thoughts? 

Why are you the person to help me?

I have a Social science degree, involving 3 years of studying Psychology and Sociology. This was applied to social work and to life. Having children added to my knowledge and experience, as did studying human development while doing Early Childhood training, Then I learned more about the complexities of nature/nurture through studying and working with children with special needs for many years. Journey seminars gave me an even greater understanding of the self-beliefs we set up, the emotions we hold onto. The first few years of life impact majorly on the rest of your life. We are young (immature) and therefore set up strategies to support ourselves or keep ourselves safe, in the only way we know how. And then, as an adult, these strategies or patterns no longer serve us, rather they hinder us.

Leela work goes deep. If you are willing, it gets deeper than emotions, than thoughts, than beliefs and even deeper than forgiveness. I have experienced all of this for myself. I have suffered. I have experienced true spaciousness and emptiness and love. You can too.

What does this work have to do with spirituality? 

Through self-inquiry, truth can be realized. When we delve into the detail of what is actually going on inside you, it allows you to drop into the stillness and peace that is inside you. You can get to know who/what you are not, and who you really are. You can learn to understand the egoic patterns that run your life and therefore make different choices.

Annette provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to explore thoughts and feelings that I didn't even realise existed inside of me. I came away from my sessions smiling, knowing I had just committed time to inner healing, growth and acceptance for where I am, and also where I want to be. I am grateful for the learnings and guidance."


Emotional Therapy
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The Journey

Annette Burrell Accredited Journey Practitioner
B.Soc.Sci, Dip. Tchg. (ECE), Dip. E.I.

Phone: 021 299-7456
Email: annette@theinnerpath.co.nz


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