Annette – intuitive, professional, open, gentle, compassionate.

About me

When I was about 20 years old, I wanted a mate, I wanted love and security. I wanted to know the meaning of life.

When I was in my forties and my children had left home, I became physically ill and depressed. I felt homesick but that didn’t make sense. It felt like I was unravelling with no safe place to be. So much despair and hopelessness that I didn’t want to go on. I searched and searched for a “fix”.

I tried several therapies. I eventually discovered that the feelings all went back to the trauma I experienced as a baby. I had unconsciously set up some negative self-beliefs which were still running without me realizing.

And then it happened. I found myself. I found home. I found truth. I found love. I felt alive.

“I thoroughly recommend Annette and the services she provides.”

“Annette has a gentle, reassuring approach to her work which as a client makes you feel very well supported. I always look forward to reading her regular email updates as well. Curiously, the subject she chooses to write about usually turns up in my inbox at just the right moment, helping me to reflect on something topical in my own life and giving me some clarity around why it has shown up. I thoroughly recommend Annette and the services she provides.”

– Nancy.

We all want to be happy

We all want to be happy. We all want to be truly heard.
This is it. The truth of who you are is available. You have everything inside you – it just got covered with strategies that were trying to keep you safe but now they are limiting you. I will support you and guide you.

I will have a quiet mind, totally hearing you.
I will have an open heart, listening with love.
I will guide you from truth, not from my personal agenda.

My qualifications reflect a lifetime study of human development.

I can blend all this into my work with you. I continue to learn and grow through courses and supervision.

      • B.Soc.Sci. Waikato
      • NZ Playcenre Diploma
      • Dip.Tchg. Registered Teacher
      • Certified as a Journey Practitioner
      • Post Grad Diploma of Early Intervention
      • Certificate in Natural Healthcare
      • Certificate in Visionary Leadership with The Journey.
      • Certificate in advanced clinical hypnotherapy with The Leela School of Awakening.

Echoes of the Heart.

I send out an irregular email called Echoes of the Heart. This is not a newsletter. It is about whatever I am aware of in life, including what I am experiencing and learning and inquiring into. There may be encouragement, understanding or challenges for you.