Individual Therapy Sessions (and Supervision)

Individual therapy sessions

 These are private, confidential , one on one sessions with me. They address what you want to address. If you are unsure but know something is not right, I will help you clarify. If you find it difficult to explain, that’s okay. I can work with just a little, even if it’s a tangle. Or, maybe you need to talk and talk and talk just to get stuff out. You are welcome, just as you are.
I invite you into my small home where we sit in comfortable armchairs, with a view to trees outside.

You can be totally open and honest. It can feel so good to be truthfully heard and respected. It is all confidential. You will have realizations about yourself and you will leave feeling relaxed and peaceful in a way that you haven’t before.
Individual therapy sessions will honour you and will support you to be how you really want to be.

                                                                                                                                                                  Free chat – 15 Minutes. You can clarify and ask any questions that you have.

One hour Session: $90

You decide how many sessions you want. Pay for each session with cash or bank transfer. I can invoice you if you wish.

Child aged 8 – 14 yrs    $45 for up to 40 minutes session.

Sessions are held in person (Kapiti Coast) or online (Google Meet or Zoom)

Concessions available for low income people. Please ask.

“This process has helped me move past many painful anxieties, hurts and limiting beliefs.”

“I am a sensitive person with a strong armour, Annette is the person I can be the most honest with about my feelings. She supports me as I go into the feelings that I have repressed but which continue to haunt me, I can allow myself to acknowledge them so that they can then be set free. This process has helped me move past many painful anxieties, hurts and limiting beliefs. Because of the work I have done with Annette, I am able to enjoy the experiences of my life with much more emotional freedom, connect with people more easily and feel much more love!”

– Laura Marsh 

Individual Supervision sessions

These sessions are likely to begin by addressing a work issue. This could be relationships, power issues, conflict, being valued, workload, challenges, fear of criticism, leadership. And then we find our way into the personal domain, simply because whatever is happening inside yourself affects your work. Your thoughts, judgements, emotions, beliefs about yourself, all affect how you are in the workplace. Be free of limiting old patterns, step out into the workplace confident as yourself.

Cost: $90 per one hour session.

You are welcome to book a free 15 min chat first.


“helping me be more present, open and responsive in my work. “

“Having supervision sessions with Annette enables me to process unhealed traumatic events from my past helping me be more present, open and responsive in my work. Annette has a wonderful ability of guiding me beneath the surface of a situation to the root cause, allowing for integration and freedom. Annette has a gentle, supportive, unobtrusive way of working which I appreciate.”

– Angie, Wellington

I have had many years of experience.

All of my learning has involved working on myself and experiencing the skills personally. It is not theoretical.


Flexibility in how I use skills so that I stay focused on you and am not following a structure.


I am totally present with you. Nothing else matters.


I genuinely love this work. I love to be in stillness so that you can be heard from here.


The intention of my heart is to let truth and love lead the sessions.