Work with this Counsellor, Transform Your life

Your heart is calling you home.

Do you live disconnected from your heart and your true nature? This disconnection can show up as anxiety, depression, confusion, addiction, overworking, lack of purpose, trouble in relationships, stress at work, PTSD, self-sabotage.
Maybe you have tried to fix the symptoms.

Maybe you have used your mind to try to figure things out. Doesn’t work, does it? (Didn’t for me either!)

What does it look like to work with Annette, this counsellor?

Inquiry into the way in which this disconnect shows up. Getting to the detail of what exactly is going on – in your mind, in your emotions and in your body. Discovering the patterns that were established many years ago. Then we can go deeper and get to the root of it.

I meet you with a quiet mind, an open heart and without judgement or agenda. I provide skilful and loving guidance. I will help you clarify what you really want, so that you know where you are headed and what to focus on.

There will be an opportunity for a guided meditation (hypnosis) where you truly relax into yourself.

There can be discoveries about how you abandon your true self. Here you can build resources of self-compassion, integrity, clarity and truth.

You can reconnect with your beautiful wholeness. You can discover how to live from this.


How many sessions will I need?

This is entirely up to you. You are in charge of you. Start with one or start with the discounted 3 session offer.

Will you expect me to become emotional?

Emotions are welcome if they show up and they may not. No apology needed. Tissues are close by.

Are you going to hypnotise me?

No. The skills involved in guiding you to relax are founded in clinical hypnotherapy but you are in charge the whole time.

What does this work have to do with spirituality?

This therapy is a way to awaken your being. As you get to experience your true self, you will realize that this is the essence of you and is here all the time. So, no matter what your mind is doing, no matter what emotions are being felt, no matter what sensations are happening in your body, the essence of you is stable inside.

“Thank you, Annette, for gently guiding me through a journey”

“Thank you, Annette, for gently guiding me through a journey which started a few years ago with a Saturday retreat. Your Inner Path emails always manage to stir some thinking for me and help me understand me a little better every time. They are often timely for what is going on for me right then. The impact of very early childhood experiences often arises for me and when we tease it out a bit, it is very clear why I do, say or think the way I do. At the end of each session I feel totally relaxed.”

– Jackie Brown.