What do you want?

May 26, 2022 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

What do you want?

What do you want in life?
Have you thought about it?
It’s not about how you want others to think of you now or when you are gone? Not a eulogy.

What do you want for yourself right now?

If you have had a session or more with me, you will have been asked this question. And I would like to remind you about it. Can you remember what you said?

Usually we continue this discussion further about what you want. Sometimes it’s easier to think of what we don’t want. And it’s useful to explore that too. And then use that to get clearer on what you want for yourself.

And you might remember what we did next. We didn’t stop there. We explored what that would do for you, if you had it. How life would be and how it would feel. And if you had that, then what would you want? And what would that give you? And so on, until we discovered the deepest want. The want that is not dependent on money, or belongings, or relationships, or security, or being liked, or anything like that. But something that gets to the core of you. And what would the qualities of that be? And it feels so good to focus on that.

And that’s the thing. You can then live life with a focus on what you truly want for yourself. You can let this guide you.
How will that help in daily life?
It can help in every moment. It enables you to be your true self in interactions, to be responsible for yourself and to share this deep want in everything you do. It can support you to be mindful and to live how you really want to live.
Does this sound good?