Acceptance of what’s here now.

Jan 23, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Acceptance of what’s here now.

It’s easy, or relatively easy, to accept life in this moment when things are going okay. When one is feeling happy. When one is not being triggered by lack of money or lack of good health or lack of friends, or lack of a relationship, or lack of………………………………………..Or the threat of Covid.

Maybe as humans, it is natural to want more or better or different or nicer or easier!!!!
To not be satisfied with what one has?

Though some people seem to be quite satisfied. Or are they really?

I have a growing appreciation for why people try to find a diagnosis – a reason, even if just a label, for a condition they have. Some sort of explanation, even if not real or the truth. Something to hold onto. Something that feels like knowing. Maybe even something to blame.

I have a growing appreciation and admiration for people whose bodies don’t do what they want them to. And particular admiration for their ability to accept things as they are and get on with living life. It seems to me, that when my body isn’t working well, that my life is restricted. And in bargaining with life, it’s not as though I want to run marathons or do gymnastics. I can even give up the dream of walking the Camino, if I could just walk the local hills and do the gardening. Especially since I have a new garden to develop, along with eradicating the jasmine, blackberry, convolvulus and tradescantia.

And yet, acceptance of the here and now, does not involve thinking about a future situation. So in this moment, how does the body feel? Oh, it’s okay sitting here just now, is it? It actually feels relaxed. Cool. And when there is discomfort, tension or pain, just stay in it – acknowledge it, without making up a story about what it means for the future. By acknowledging it, something may be revealed – a different way to move, a signal to rest, some way to look after it. And do that. No need to jump into a story of fear about the future. Though it can be hard to resist – it’s an old pattern, afterall.

There is so much peace in living in this moment. Really, we don’t know how the next moment will be. The unknown can be scary. The story of your future can be a tunnel of fear. Even when you plan and try to control it, or parts of it.
Stay here. Allow your mind to quieten.