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How is your life going? Are you happy?
You know, there is a difference between feeling happy and being happy.
Feeling happy is that lovely feeling we get at times. Feels light and bubbly and free. Maybe when you bought a new dress, or a new car, or had a swim in refreshing water on a hot day, or someone gave you a hug. Or……..you know when you have had that happy feeling. I’m sure you want more of that.
Being happy is an underlying state, rather than an emotion. A deep being happy can allow all sorts of emotions to be felt even while still being aware that underneath is real happiness. All sorts of circumstances can take place and being happy is still there.
Do you get the difference?
One is fantastic to feel but doesn’t last and we are left wanting more and wondering why it stopped. Then maybe blaming someone or something for the happiness leaving. Quite logical, isn’t it. There must be some reason. Our minds are like that – wanting a reason so we can figure out how to stop it happening. Or figuring out what caused the happiness so we can get more. Maybe we can control it even.
Or maybe you just expect it to leave – that’s life afterall. Maybe you accept that it’s gone. And what then? For you what usually comes after? Does it feel a bit blah? Or is sadness here?

For me, I love feeling happy. It seems like the whole world is available, the sun is shining and there are no fears surfacing.
And I have experienced being happy and this seems a whole lot more stable, secure and safe. It’s like a deep grounding inside, which I am aware is here all the time. It means that my doubting mind can do its thing without me getting too serious about it. It means that emotions can arise and be felt, without me drowning in them. It means that when body sensations are felt, I don’t leap into the future with worry.

This is what I want. Quiet, still, happiness.

What do you want?