Are you missing out?

Jan 29, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Are you missing out?

Are you missing out on happiness and fulfilment?

You will be if you are in your head thinking all the time.

Do you notice that your thoughts can be swirling and frustration can be growing when you have a problem to solve?

Do you notice that your thoughts can go to the worst possible scenario when a little thing triggers you?

Do you notice that you are replaying a conversation? Trying to find what was good or what was not good?

Do you notice your thoughts rehearsing the future situation, trying to know the best thing to say and do.

In our western society we place so much importance on our intelligence – our brain intelligence. We do the research. We think about options. We weigh them up. We get in a tangle of thoughts. We get frustrated. We get angry.

Do we feel angry or do we get angry? There is a difference, you know. If we feel angry there is an energy in our body. If we get angry then we respond with anger. Feeling the energy in our body can give us the direction, the motivation and the strength to pursue what is clear for us. There is a clarity. If we get angry then the energy just bursts out everywhere with no good result.

What if there is another intelligence that you can open into. A deeper one. Because really, our brain just can’t do the job all the time.

This intelligence is deeper than our gut feeling or even intuition. I know some people who follow their gut feeling or their intuition and believe that is truth, but I suspect it’s still a set up from our early conditioning. It’s still grown from the beliefs about ourselves that were established when young – all to keep us safe.

So you might ask: how to get to this deep intelligence?

Through inquiry. Developing awareness of the thinking and emotional patterns that are running your life. Taking time to do nothing. Giving yourself space. Having support to experience your inner self.

Need help with this? Let me know.