Is it Yes or No?

Feb 26, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Is it Yes or No?

I want to remind you to trust yourself, when making decisions.

Often we think we can’t trust ourselves. The mind gets in tangle trying to work out the best thing to do.
We really want to do the right thing. Maybe because we don’t want to get it wrong or someone might judge us. Or we will judge ourselves (voice in the head – who’s voice, I wonder?)

Our minds can get busy trying to work it all out. What are the consequences of this action……………or that action? What does it mean about me if I do that? Am I responsible if I do that? And so on……………………….

How can you possibly trust yourself if you have all that going on in your head?

Try an experiment. Sit still, close your eyes, take 3 slow breathes in and out, sinking deeper on each out breathe.
Now remember a time when you had a clear YES to doing something. This is not thinking about the time, but remembering how it felt in your body. Maybe there is a visual memory appearing – could be fleeting. There might even be other sensory parts to the memory, like smell or taste or hearing. And it’s okay if there is not. Take time to be still and allow the time to arise.

After that, ask again………..and again………..until you have 3 memories of times when you had a clear YES and no tangle of thoughts of pros and cons.

This is trustworthy.

Try the same experiment with a clear NO. It could be something quite small, like a food you don’t want. And I say this, because some of us find it harder to remember the NO. We get in our head trying to remember, when if we give ourselves a few moments the memories will come. Give yourself time.
And again, allow another memory to arise. How does it feel in your body? In your being?

How did it feel when you were clear about your decision. Isn’t it so good?

This is trustworthy. I’m sure it has happened many times for you. You probably don’t remember all the times.
Reminding yourself can mean that you can relax, knowing there have been times when the decision was clear, without the tangle of thinking.

Sometimes, we realize that the decision was clear and yet, still we go into thinking trying to back it up with reasoning.

How about just stopping. Stay with the clarity.