Do you want more knowledge?

Apr 1, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do you want more knowledge?

I’m sure you know lots more than me.

I’m sure you have much more knowledge than me.

And I do know that keeping up to date with knowledge for your job is important. Though, maybe not all jobs. I have recently been teaching English to International Students again. I didn’t need to read more articles or research to do the job. However, I did need to observe and learn from them, so that I would know what to help them learn. This is not acquiring knowledge. This is experiential and being present.

The thing is, I gave up trying to acquire more knowledge a while ago. (“trying to acquire” are the important words here. I’m not against knowledge itself)

I jumped off that ever expanding and uncertain escalator.

The stuff on the escalator keeps changing. And I just got in a mess trying to figure out what I needed to know.
The mess got so big that I suddenly stopped……….. and asked: What is it all for? Where does it get me?
Stopping was magical……………..because I dropped inside, into a mystery that the mind couldn’t explain.
Into a depth of stillness and silence that is always constant.

I discovered that everything that is worthwhile knowing is inside me.

Which, by the way, doesn’t mean that I’m still and silent on the outside. Life is still for living. I’m human afterall. So emotions come and go. Doubty thoughts come and go. Articles get read. Learning happens. Without the drive to acquire knowledge. Without the need to know I know.

And still the silence remains. So good.