How to be really happy.

Apr 12, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to be really happy.

Where is the root of happiness?

Have you found it?

Pleasure and happiness can be found in many every day happenings…….sitting in the spa pool, having a massage, winning Lotto, getting a new car (this one is me), feeling loved, watching a sunset. And these are all wonderful.

But it doesn’t last. And it’s not stable. It’s short lived.

We all want to be happy. Really……………don’t you?

We chase it in all sorts of ways. We work hard at life in order to get it.

Though it is possible to want to be unhappy and addicted to unhappiness. Simply because it is familiar. And because it’s familiar it can even feel safe. It’s been there for so long that it’s a known and anything else is unknown. The unknown can be scary. What is happiness anyway? When you try to define it, what is it?

True happiness is our true nature. Spiritual teachers tell us this.

It is rooted inside us. It’s deep inside. It’s a state that is constant.

We become aware of it when we are kind to ourselves.

We become aware of it when we stop trying to make it happen. It’s happens when we stop………….the judgements, the trying to be right, the figuring out stuff, the trying to fix things, getting to the goals.

We usually need support to stop all that crap. Because the mind is so strong and so determined.

But support is here. Getting to the subconscious is the key. Mind power and mindset can work for a while but then it slips back into the same old patterns.

So I invite you to be in touch and find out how I can support you to release what is held in the subconscious.