Unspoken messages

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Unspoken messages

The unspoken messages and the emotional climate in your home affected you as a child.

Especially if there was a lot of criticism, a lot of judgement and a lack of emotional warmth.

Can you relate? I can.

Maybe the unspoken messages seemed to be about you being a nuisance. Maybe you were told off for speaking or laughing or being loud. Maybe the unspoken messages seemed to be that you were stupid, or not valued, or not worthy, or not loved.

Maybe you couldn’t seem to be “good” enough which internalized to you believing that you were not good enough.

Your parents did the very best that they could. Afterall, they had their own internal beliefs and effects of trauma from their childhood influencing and affecting them as parents. They would not have known that those unspoken messages were being passed on to you. They would not have wanted those unspoken messages to be passed on to you.

We didn’t understand any of this as children, we didn’t have the mental powers to even be aware of what was happening internally. We were young and immature. (But in hind sight, we get it.)

Trouble is, this stuff gets stuck inside and affects you as an adult.

It might show up as negative thoughts and self-judgement. Or judging others. Or needing to show that we know stuff to get approval. Or behaviours to get attention – super helpful? Or not feeling emotions.

Often as young adults we get very busy and don’t take too much notice.

And then as we get a bit older, something starts bothering us.
Maybe we are not clear on what it is.

Sometimes it shows up in physical illnesses.

Sometimes it’s a feeling of being lost.

Sometimes its depression and anxiety.

We need support to get to the root of this. We need to get to the subconscious patterns and beliefs. Book a free chat to ask if I can help