How’s the conversations in your head?

Jun 11, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

How’s the conversations in your head?

Conversations in your head??

Do you have these?

I do.

Usually its one side bringing up doubting thoughts about just about anything.

And then the other side replies, offering reassurance and calming advice.

But I know that the doubting is an old pattern. It’s had lots of practice. All my life.

Sometimes I listen a bit, just to check it out.

Sometimes I listen a bit more and start to believe the doubt.

The thing is, then my mind doubts the doubt. How about that for a tangle?

So how does it work for you? In your mind? Do you have doubting thoughts? Of a light nature or a stronger nature?

What else do you notice about your thoughts?

Thoughts are useful for analysing, comparing, reasoning, planning, preparing, gaining information. And therefore for living your life.

EXCEPT, thoughts are not useful when they go round and round and don’t get to a conclusion. Or if they do get to a conclusion, it’s might be one based on fear. And how do you know whether its based on fear or the right conclusion? (This is a doubt, you realise)
Fear runs the doubting thoughts. Fear generates many thoughts. The more thoughts like that, the more fear. The more fear, the more doubting thoughts.
Have you noticed? The spiral? The repetition? The tangle. Research has shown that over 90% of our thoughts are on repeat. How does that make you feel? To know that the majority of your thoughts are old, worn out, and just repeating the same old story and doubts.

Number one tip: learn to recognise the doubting thought, catch it, notice it, and then acknowledge the fear, wherever it is in your body. Maybe there is a tightness somewhere. Or a heaviness. Have compassion for yourself and let yourself feel the fear. It won’t be as bad as you think it will be.

For me, I decide
Oops, no I’m not going to believe that doubt. Sometimes I play with the words, flip them around, treat them lightly, confuse my brain, just for fun. Briefly.

Then I just stop. Focus on what’s here.

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