Your heart is calling you home.

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Your heart is calling you home.

Your heart is calling you home.

Can you feel it?

Maybe the call is strongest when you are on your own walking in the bush? Or along the beach on your own? Or beside the river? Or under the tree.

Did you notice that quietness creeping in on you? Or a tiny voice deep inside inviting you to dive into silence? An audible sigh may escape you. A sense of relief. A knowing that you are okay and you are part of nature. That really you don’t need to make all that effort to try and control what happens in life. It’s such hard work. Its so draining.

What if……….you could relax about life?

What if……….you could let life live you?

What if……….you could accept.

In your ordinary every day life, do you feel disconnected from your heart and from nature?

This disconnection can show up as anxiety, depression, confusion, addiction, overworking, lack of responsibility, trouble in relationships, stress at work, PTSD, self-sabotage, people pleasing, avoiding conflict.

Maybe you have tried to fix the symptoms.
Maybe you have used your mind to try to figure things out. Doesn’t work, does it? (Didn’t for me either!)

We are so used to using our minds. It’s what our society values. And of course our minds are useful for some things. (like planning, remembering, visualising, reasoning) It’s just that we have grown to expect too much from our minds. We expect our minds to be able to figure out all sorts of stuff. We expect our minds to come up with answers. The right answers.

We try and adjust our mindset, we use willpower to control, we ignore the emotions that arise in our body, we dumb down body sensations, we take drugs to control our body.

Life gets so complicated.

What if…… could be simpler.

Would you like it to be?

When we are little, we set up strategies to survive. If trauma is happening we find ways to cope. Its what we do. We adjust, we adapt, we avoid, we run away. When we are young we are immature and can’t understand. All we know is what’s happening to us and around us. We are right in the middle of it. We interpret it from an immature perspective. We learn patterns of behaviour that may or may not work to keep ourselves safe. Safe from abuse, or safe from criticism, or safe from judgement, or safe from threat, or safe from rejection. And the fear builds up inside because often the strategies don’t work. Or work only temporarily.

Trouble is, these strategies get stuck and manifest in many different subtle forms that keep on going into adulthood. They get practised over and over. Become habits.

So we find solutions to the internal problems. Addiction may develop – as a way to drown out the fear and other painful emotions. Anxiety and fear can keep us on high alert – very tiring. We may find the only way is to press those emotions down so deep that everything else get depressed as well.

What if……… could feel connected to your true self. Your free, safe, happy, peaceful, joyful, loving self?

How great would that be?

There is a way to deal with all this. By being listened too so deeply that you see things differently. By being guided to relax deeply and access your subconscious, patterns and habits can be changed.

This is what I am passionate about. Supporting you to feel connected to your true self.