Do you ever stop thinking?

Aug 16, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do you ever stop thinking?

Are you thinking all the time?

Stop for a moment and think about it (haha). Do you ever stop thinking?

Even when you happen to look at a beautiful flower – do you think about it?

If you try and stop thinking, what happens?

Are you then thinking about stopping thinking?

When you are talking, are you thinking at the same time?

There is nothing wrong with thinking. It’s useful for all sorts of things to do with living. It’s good for planning, preparation, problem solving, analysing, sorting out values, decisions, learning.

Sometimes it gets too much, especially if going down un-useful tracks. Trying to stop these type of thoughts can be difficult, unless you acknowledge the emotion that is driving those thoughts.

I suggest that our society has become a head heavy society. As a human we are more than our thoughts. We have a body and we have emotions. Both our body and our emotions are worthy of being acknowledged.

And its restful to stop thinking at times.

Times when I have stopped thinking:

🌞 When reading the book “Sudden Awakening” by Eli Jaxon-Bear. My mind gets to a confused state and then for a short time, I stop thinking. (I stop reading too)
🌞 When I fall into love, during self-inquiry.
🌞 When immersed in music.
🌞 When I am with a client and I have a quiet mind, an open heart and no personal agenda.

What do you notice about your thinking?

Where do your thoughts come from?

What creates them?

How come over 90% of our thoughts are on repeat?

Can you answer these questions?

Is it really to do with neurons firing? Chemical changes in brain?

Google says “thought evolves based on perceptions and actions at the sensorimotor stage in the first 2 years of life to internal representations in early childhood”. Because our senses give our brain messages which we then learn to make into thoughts.

But that doesn’t really explain thinking, does it?

So, where do your thoughts come from? How are they made?

If you want to explore your thinking so you can be discerning about the types of thoughts that are useful for you, do reach out for support.