Discover what you truly want.

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Discover what you truly want.

Money or fulfilment? What do you choose?

Seriously, what do you want for your life?

I know, your mind thinks, why not both?

And yes, why not both?

If you have been a client of mine, you might remember me asking you about what you want.

Can you remember what you answered? And how we set up a way to remind your body?

What do you really want?

Not the surface stuff but deeper.

The most common answers I hear when we really get to the nitty gritty are:
• peace,
• happiness,
• clarity,
• freedom,
• joy,
• fulfilment,
• awakening

And you may have a different word which is right for you. (mine is inner silence)

When you are clear on what you truly want from life, this can be your guiding light, your north star.

And when you see how this can play out in your life, magic can happen.

– less worry about the little stuff and the big stuff.
– more focus in your life.
– less mind confusion.
– easier decision making
– emotions come and go and don’t get stuck.
– life is lived fully.
– relationships are fun
– connection to people and to Papatuanuku
– care and kindness happen easily.

Magic indeed. Simple, clear and purposeful.

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