Coping with Busyness

Oct 29, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Coping with Busyness

This morning I sat in the gazebo listening.

To the stream behind me trickling, tickling, flowing.

To the birds chattering.

To the stillness.

To the occasional loud voices from an overnight party next door (felt my body react).

I noticed a loud sneeze from another neighbour.

I noticed an aeroplane noise.

I noticed a vehicle noise.

And awareness of the stillness, regardless.

Like life:

Stillness is here.

Noisy stuff runs along on top, coming and going. And the stillness is still here.

The noisy stuff includes what’s going on in your head.
Those thoughts that you follow. Those thoughts that you believe to be true, those judgemental thoughts about others, those judgemental thoughts about yourself, those comparing thoughts, those analysing thoughts, those critical thoughts, those not good enough thoughts,……………………

The noisy stuff could also include thoughts that you judge as positive thoughts, if you are making an effort to generate positive thoughts.

The noisy stuff also includes feelings and emotions, when connected and extended by thinking about them – Why? How come? Who made me feel this way? It’s because of………leading into blaming. And more thoughts. Resistance to the feeling.

The noisy stuff also includes body sensations when thoughts are connected to them. How do I fix this? How do I get rid of this? What does it mean?

The noisy stuff runs along the surface of life.

Want to go deeper?

Let the thoughts come and go. Let them be light.
Let the feelings and emotions be felt in your body.
Let the body sensations be a signal to look after it.

No need to know anything about them. They just come and go. They don’t have to mean anything – finding meaning is being in your thoughts again.
Just know though, that thinking is a useful tool for survival in this physical world. So we don’t need to try and do away with thinking.

If you want freedom from all this noise, I invite you to have a session with me.

The “me” will be out of the way. I will have a quiet mind, an open heart and no personal agenda.

And in this openness, you can find yourself.