Want to change your current circumstance?

Nov 13, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Want to change your current circumstance?

Want a way out of your current circumstances??

When circumstances are uncomfortable, it’s natural to want a way out.

Sometimes we want to avoid the whole of it.

Sometimes we just want to run away.

Sometimes we just want to be saved……by someone or something…..please.

Sometimes, though, it’s too frightening to move. It can feel even more scary to leave a situation. It can feel too big and too unknown.

But sometimes the solution is to leave a situation.

And sometimes the solution is to change how we are in it. How we feel about it. How we respond to it. How we act in it.

So, first, before we leave, it’s worth investigating what’s going on inside us

By examining and inquiring into, the thoughts and emotions and body sensations and circumstances, it is amazing how the pattern becomes clearer.

The unconscious pattern of the structure of how you think.

The unconscious pattern of which emotions arise most often and when.

The unconscious pattern of body sensations – when and where.

Maybe it’s a pattern from childhood so not only related to the current circumstance.

Illuminating the patterns leads to a way out. And the lesson being learned.

It truly does. We become more aware of what’s going on inside us. We become more understanding of ourselves. And how we function.
We can even find that we have compassion for ourselves. And love.

And clarity arrives.

If you are willing.
By going in, we find our way out.

PS. Dropping deeper inside, under the tangle of thinking and the whirlpool of emotions can also reveal a deeper truth. This can guide you as you live fully in each moment.