5 tips for a better life

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5 tips for a better life

Everyone wants a better life, don’t they?

Self improvement is rife.

What about wanting a truer life?

1. Listen to your body. What does this mean? I’m sure you think you do listen because I bet that you certainly notice when the body is in pain or not working how you would like it to.
This was me. All in my head and not really taking any notice, except when the body didn’t work.
I pushed myself to do what I wanted to do.
I pushed myself to do what I’d said I would do or what I thought was expected of me.
I pushed myself to complete tasks.
I pushed myself.
Now I am learning to listen to my body. To slow down. To notice my breathing. To notice how I walk down steps. To notice sensations in my body rather than ignoring them.
And most of all, noticing when the body says “No” or when it needs a rest.

2. Feel emotions. Let yourself feel them in your body and don’t make your brain make them mean something. You can acknowledge them in your body immediately and notice what’s happening in there but there is no need to think up a story about why they are there. You don’t even have to name them because even that is going into your head and your thinking.
I used to be scared of emotions. I wasn’t going anywhere near them. Goodness knows what would happen if I did. They felt too huge. Now I can feel them in my body and notice them.

3. Notice your thoughts. Question your thoughts. Don’t believe all of them. Be light with them. Let them float around (and even around again). Research has found out that over 90% of thoughts are repeated many times. So once you know that, then you don’t have to catch them. They will pop up again. And again – until you investigate the pattern.

4. Live fully now. In the present moment. Notice your perceptions and sensory information. Notice your behaviour. Notice emotions. Notice your thoughts. Notice what you say and how you say it. Notice, notice, notice. No need to try and figure out why. Sounds simple, but noticing can free you. Even when you don’t do anything with what you notice.

5. Be free of your past – make an appointment with me so I can listen deeply and guide you. I will support you with all the above tips and more. We can inquire into the patterns that are playing out in your life, with no judgement or blame on you. Hypnotherapy can deeply relax you so that the subconscious stuff can be dealt with. Gently.

With love,

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