What pulls you away from yourself?

Dec 10, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What pulls you away from yourself?

In essence, I experience my true self to be spacious, peaceful nothing.

From here I can live life in true freedom.

A freedom where I do not take anything personally – so

I don’t get upset by what anyone says,

I don’t get in a tangle in my mind about what I should do,

I don’t get emotional about what other people do,

I don’t get judgemental about others or myself.

Thoughts float in and float out. They are useful sometimes when I have practical things to plan but I have no need to strive to sort things out. Possibilities and answers arise naturally. I trust this freedom in knowing the right thing to do. Not a judgemental right but a deep knowing right.

Emotions arise naturally. They are an energy that is felt in the physical body. That’s all. They don’t mean anything, there is no story to tell about them, there is nothing to figure out about them. Just let them be felt.

Body sensations happen. Maybe pain, maybe tenseness, maybe tingling, maybe vibration, maybe discomfort. They can be a signal to rest or slow down or stop or get treatment. The signal is signalling in the moment and I can notice the prompt and follow it or not. Previously I would have jumped into the future and imagined all sorts of possible disastrous outcomes. No need. I don’t know and it’s a waste of time and effort to try and work it out. I stay here.


What pulls me away from this?

Sensory information comes to my brain and my brain registers it. And this often generates thoughts. It happens at a physical level. Part of this human existence. And that’s all okay. It happens. No need to try and stop this happening.

It’s what comes next that maybe is not so okay.

Depending on what you want.

For me, I want to stay with what I love. That is, silent, spacious emptiness. That is here now.

So, I won’t try to stop the pull away. I will remind myself of what I love. What I want. And stay in this moment.

What pulls you away from your true self?