Fear. Is it really that bad?

Mar 22, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Fear. Is it really that bad?

Fear can be positive, yet we want none of it.
Fear can protect us, yet we would sooner not have it.
Fear can be excitement, yet we view it as negative.

Take the fear with you, let it have its place, not to stop you, but to keep you on your toes.
Take the fear with you, knowing it’s a caring friend.
Take the fear with you, and have compassion for it.

Be free, even in the presence of fear.

Rename that fear as you take it along with you. Get to know it…….. maybe it’s excitement, maybe it’s nervousness, maybe it’s energy, maybe it’s alertness. Maybe it’s all of these at different times. Get to know it and stop fearing the fear. It takes a lot of energy. So tired. Be lighter with the fear.

You know it developed as a protective mechanism when you were young. You felt the fear and then the fear stopped you from going into some situations. It was protecting you. How kind. And it continues to have its place.

Except when it limits you.

Except when it stops you from doing what you want to do.

Except when you become attached to the feeling and feel tight and restricted inside.

Then, it’s time to relook at this fear and its role in your life. Have a look at how it started being protective and what else will provide this protection now.