Is trying successful?

Apr 5, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Is trying successful?

You can’t change your subconscious mind by thinking. We try!

Will power is great.

Perseverance is great.

Wanting is great.

Trying is great.

Positive thinking is great.

But these are all methods of trying to have control. Trying to avoid the uncomfortable stuff. TRYING equals trying. TRYING does not equal doing. TRYING does not get you there. TRYING keeps you trying. TRYING keeps you stuck right where you are.

How many times have you tried to be heard?

How many times have you tried to stand up for yourself?

How many times have you tried to be confident?

How many times have you tried to stay true to yourself?

How many times have you tried to not smoke? To not drink? To not do retail therapy? To not bury yourself in TV? To not eat doughnuts? To love yourself?

Drop the trying. Drop the effort that is involved in trying. It’s a huge hurdle.

Go straight to doing.
Why not?

Oh, there’s some fear that you can’t? There’s some other unconscious pattern playing out that you can’t control? Mmmmm. Maybe this is where you need to look and inquire?

Unconscious patterns of thinking, behaving and believing are set up when we are young. There was a purpose back then. Probably to keep yourself safe. Fear is protection in some situations. Hiding and playing small and being “good” so as not to be noticed and criticized or beaten or abused, is a useful strategy when one is young and dependent. But it’s still there when one grows up. And is it useful when one is an adult?

Some of us reach a stage where we know that the trying is not working, not matter how much we try.

So stop trying and take a deeper look at yourself.