It can be panicky to not know the future

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It can be panicky to not know the future

It can be panicky to not know what’s in the future. There is something about knowing that gives a space to relax and feel secure. What is that really? Why do we like to know?

Sometimes, even if it’s bad stuff, it’s better to know that not know. Then planning can happen, adaptation can happen, adjustment can happen, until we find that place where we can relax again.

I know it sounds weird but feeling okay with not knowing is pretty amazing. Afterall, in truth, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next moment. We only think we do. And we build up a picture around that. But in any second, anything can fall over.

So if we are okay with not knowing, and can live like that, it’s less traumatic than if we think we know and then we find out that our idea was way off. And when the unexpected happens. Because then nothing is expected or unexpected.

In fact, not knowing allows us to be present in this moment. Rather than spending this moment thinking about the future, we can actually live fully right now.

And then we can do what’s in front of us feeling open and trusting, and without any thought about what might happen. Staying present in this moment.

What gets in the way of you being like this? Maybe what gets in the way – is trying to get it right for yourself, for others, for the world, to not be judged or criticised, to be accepted, to be liked, etc, etc.
The thinking, trying to be right, believing the thinking, being scared of consequences such as a person’s reaction………………….how limiting! Do you really want to carry on like this?

What if you could be totally here in this moment? How freeing is that? Free to follow your inner truth? Free to live from truth. The truth that arises from the deepest place inside you, which is nothing to do with what you have learned, believed, read or been taught.
How wonderful.

With love and truth,