The Chaos of the World

Jun 21, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Chaos of the World

The world is in chaos.

Wars and genocide and climate change and poverty and colonisation and abuse and people losing jobs.

Government systems not doing what they are supposed to.

Out of your control.

How do you cope with it?

Do you learn as much as you can
– so you can be prepared?
– so you know who is right and who is wrong?
– so you can try and work out a safe place to be?
– so your mind is too busy to feel anything?
– so you know what to believe?

Nothing wrong with any of that.

Though it’s an effort and takes up time and takes you away from yourself.

How is it even possible to be with yourself while all that stuff is going on? (constantly)

We can be scared to focus on NOW because something disastrous and unexpected may happen. We may think we need to aware of it all, in order to protect ourselves. All the time. And what does this do to your nervous system?

We can think that it’s selfish to focus on oneself when so many people are suffering and in pain. And others are worse off than you.

What confusion.

And emotionally?? If you are honest, what do you feel? As well as the fear?

Maybe hopelessness and helplessness.

Maybe even despair.

And you don’t want to wallow in those emotions, do you?

But what if, just for a moment, you let yourself feel. In your body. Without the thoughts. Just for a moment, acknowledge what is here, emotionally.

It might even be liberating.

You may want to do something to help the world situation. But what?

When you know and have experienced your true self, that deepest self that has no boundaries, no expectations, no judgement, no beliefs…………….then you can be guided by that.

What to do will arise.

PS. Inquiring into how chaotic things happen inside you can be a challenge. It can take honesty and it can then be liberating in the deepest sense and lead to peace inside you.

If you are at peace with yourself, this will spread in ripples.

This is what we need for peace in the world – individual people to be at peace with themselves. Then there is no need for domination, judgement and abuse.