A South Island trip on my own

May 14, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

A South Island trip on my own

It’s hard to put into words.

Something that there are no words for.

However, to start at the beginning is usually a useful place to start.

I was dreaming of a road trip in the South Island, a trip for a length of time with no plan. A fluffy dream, away from day to day life, a long trip into nature and scenery.

Waffle. Wouldn’t it be lovely type of thinking.

But with no trying, it suddenly refined itself and became clearer…….and possible.

What to, where to, how long became clear.

And so it happened.

It was planned out as I booked Airbnb’s.

With no effort, I planned, pacing myself, being aware of the times when I might get overwhelmed and over tired. Gentle, aware planning rather than effortful.

Synchronicity happened. Blessings happened. Grateful for the weather. A rainy day became a day of rest. Flexibility.

Living only with what I had in the car. Apart from a plastic card, of course. For food.

Adapting to different Airbnb’s. Grateful for my hot water bottles.

Just me and my car and the scenery.


You have heard, I’m sure, that when you go away, you don’t leave yourself behind. You take all of yourself with you. All your patterns, emotions, judgements, beliefs………go too.

But it just seemed like I got quieter and quieter. Less and less. Deeper into stillness. Expanded in spaciousness.

See what I mean about words……. its hard to put this into words. It seemed like there was just “this”, whatever this is. A sense of wonder and awe………….to be in the landscape. Part of the scenery. Me as no-thing, quiet inside.

Ps, I did also stay a few days with family and loved spending time with an 11 month old grandaughter as well as a 22 year old grandson.