The past

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The past

You can’t change what happened in your past.

What happened, happened.

BUT you can change how you remember what happened.

You can change how you interpret it.

You can stop it hurting.

You can stop it affecting you now.

So that is pretty amazing, isn’t it.

Because then you can be free of it.

You are then free to leave the past in the past.

You can stop thinking about it.

You can stop feeling it.

And your mind might ask How?

And it’s not as easy as just deciding in your mind to let it go. (No matter what people tell you)

Because we have patterns that get stuck because of what happened and how it affected us back then. Those patterns of thinking, believing, behaving were probably okay back then. They may have kept you safe from the hurt, from the pain of what happened.

But………they stuck and now, as an adult, maybe those patterns no longer serve you. Maybe you don’t want them any longer.
You might try hard with your mind to unstick them and it seems to work for a little while, and then it doesn’t, and you are right back in the thick of it again.

Did you download my free e-book to see what has affected you? Have a read and see.

My skill in supporting you to be free of the past is this:
# I help you get clear on what exactly the patterns are.
# We discuss the detail on what’s happening now – thinking, emotions, body sensations, circumstances.
# We may or may not discuss the past.
# I help you clarify exactly what you want for yourself in this life, so this can guide you.
# Then, its time for you to really relax and be guided by my voice – somewhere inside you – maybe to a situation in the past, maybe to key people, maybe to your true self, maybe to truth.

And all the time, I will have a quiet mind, an open heart and no personal agenda. With no judgement.

Do you want to be free?