The Gift of Covid

Dec 9, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Gift of Covid

What, there is a gift?? Really!!

The gift, to put in simple terms was in stopping and resting.

I don’t know whether you were able to stop and rest. Maybe there were straight forward reason why you couldn’t.

Alternatively, maybe you didn’t let yourself stop and rest. Maybe you put it on yourself to continue the usual chores.

Maybe there was some old drivers inside you that wouldn’t let you rest.

Or even let others help you by getting your groceries! Or doing the chores.
Where was the line for you – the line where on one side you would accept help or even ask for help, and on the other side, you wouldn’t. How would it feel, to need even more help?

Stopping and resting was real for me. As soon as I realized that I needed to stay home for 7 days, I felt relief. Strange, because I go out most days to things I enjoy. And here I was, feeling relief to be able to stay home. Couldn’t figure that out. And didn’t need to.

I discovered that I was very comfortable lazing around. Sitting watching the rain. Listening to the birds. Enjoying the greenery. Feeling the sun on my legs. A little knitting. A little computering. Enjoying my house and the view of my garden and the large trees. Making easy meals though I didn’t feel like eating much during the first few days. Being aware of my body. Lazily thinking in no particular direction. Feeling even more tired if I didn’t sleep well at night. Nothing much I had to do.
How are you when you have nothing much to do? Can you even imagine it?

Sometimes our body just needs to rest.

Sometimes we need to slow down and allow all parts of us to rest.

To not know what’s going to happen out there, if we don’t show up out there.

To just be here. With yourself.

If this was difficult for you maybe there is something here to inquire into. To come to terms with. Or change. Book a time to chat and see if I can help with this.