We are busy.

Aug 12, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We are busy.

We are so busy these days.
There is so much to do.
So much to think about.
So many people in our lives to be aware of.
So many decisions to think about.
So much to get right.
So many things happening in the world.
So much to think about – all that stuff that has happened
So much to think about – so much that might happen. Who to believe?
And it seems like we have to keep on thinking about all this because what might happen if we don’t???

Will we survive?

That is the fear isn’t it?
What will happen if we don’t think about what might happen? We can try and keep on top of the news and the emails and the blogs and the articles and the research and the opinions. We can read it all but still we miss some. Our minds can get in a tangle. How to make sense of it all?
We want some control but it’s illusive. Try as we might, nothing gets clearer.
It’s a survival mechanism but it’s gone wrong because there is so much.

So what would happen if you were to relax and trust your inner self, your deep inner self, your true self. What if, you become quiet inside, even amongst the noise and busyness of your head and the outside world. What if you allow yourself to not know?
Try the experiment: give yourself permission to not know. Stop in this moment – even feel the fear if it’s here. Because really, the truth is that you don’t know. Live with not knowing, give up the effort of trying to know and there is freedom. Stay in this moment.