Silent Sitting

Jul 23, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Silent Sitting

This morning I decided to sit silently with my eyes closed.

I decided to just notice what went on in me.

I noticed that as my eyes closed, it felt like I was dropping somewhere peaceful, without outside stimulation.

I noticed my breathing – the air going in and out. And as I felt the air going out each time, my body relaxed further. It was like the out breathe drew me down deeper. And I went with it.

I noticed that after noticing my breathing that my mind came up with a thought but it was light and floated away.

I noticed that there was tension in my chest and I was curious about the detail of how it felt – tight, rough, brown, holding-in, a bit of movement in and out, expansion as I allowed more.

I noticed that there were thoughts on a variety of topics, all mixed up, with none of them following a direct line to anywhere. I let them be.

I noticed my heart beating.

The tension seemed to have relaxed though I was aware of a dull sensation there.

I wondered whether this “I” would fall away and would let me be deeper inside and realised that this was a thought – the start to moving away from this moment.

It seemed like everything was here altogether, mixed up – thoughts and body sensations. A thought would begin and not finish. A body sensation would be felt and not continue.

I stayed with it all.

Into this, I dropped.

Emptiness so expansive that it included everything.